Before you begin your project, please read the following:

Who can use FundWarrior?

The short answer: anyone! Our goal at FundWarrior is to build bridges between people with ideas and people with the resources to bring those ideas to life. We encourage anyone with an idea or who needs funds for any reason to sign up.

How does FundWarrior Work?

A person with a User account creates a project. As part of that project, a User can opt to begin a funding campaign. A User may have multiple projects and multiple funding campaigns; however, two funding campaigns may not run for the same project simultaneously. Once a User's funding campaign has reached its target funding amount or the deadline has expired, the User may receive those funds. In cases where the conditions of the funding campaign have not been met, any collected funds will be returned to contributing backers and the User will owe the standard fee (based on the target amount).

What is FundWarrior's fee?

FundWarrior collects a 8% plus .30¢ per transaction fee from successful and unsuccessful campaigns. Compare that to other crowd-funding websites and you will see that FundWarrior has the lowest fee.

Does creating a campaign mean FundWarrior owns my project?

Users maintain 100% ownership and control of their project. FundWarrior will help you generate funds and promote your crowd-sourced campaign.

What do I need to have a successful campaign?

There are many ways to run a successful campaign. The best way to find backers is to spread the word! Backers can't fund your project if they don't know about your campaign. You can view our article on iHow to Campaign Successfully for ideas and starting points.

Can I cancel my campaign?

You can cancel your campaign as long as you have not earned any money. Accounts that have begun to accrue funds must remain open until their deadline has passed. If you would like to cancel your campaign, contact

Where can I find backers?

Promote your campaign through FundWarrior. Promote your campaign to your family, friends, and colleagues. The majority of backers are people that users know, but not all! You never know who will believe in your idea enough to contribute.

How do I withdraw funds?

Once your campaign has reached its target funding amount on your Fixed Funding campaign or the deadline has passed on your Flexible Funding campaign, click Withdraw button in your account page. Follow the steps.

How long will it take to receive my funds?

We are unsure at this time. Help us clarify the process by registering for an account today!

How will I know if someone donates?

You can choose to receive e-mail updates every time someone donates in your User account page.

How can I donate to a campaign?

Register for a Backer's account. Find the campaign you would like to support. Donate. A Backer's account is a provisional account to differentiate between donors and project creators. Backers can opt to receive the quarterly FundWarrior Newsletter as well as e-mail updates from campaigns they have supported in the past.

How do I know it's safe to donate to a campaign?

With so many campaigns, FundWarrior is unable to verify the claims made in every campaign. While FundWarrior employs numerous fraud-deterrent strategies, we must insist that visitors back campaigns at their own risk. The only certain method is to donate only to people you personally trust.

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